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Solar Information

If you are interested in getting solar but aren’t sure where to start, WIN Energy REMC wants to be your trusted energy partner in this decision. Our solar information packet is designed to outline the key facts to ensure you feel confident moving forward. The packet offers ways for you to harness the power of renewables while still maintaining a safe and reliable electric grid.

This packet features information you will need in making a decision when it comes to a Distributed Energy Resource (DER), the packet includes:

  • Questions to ask a potential solar panel installer
  • Ten installation considerations 
  • Myths vs. facts
  • Consumer compensation
  • Renewable avoided cost
  • Glossary of terms

To download the packet click here: Harnessing the Power of Renewables

If you would like to move forward with your solar project, follow the steps below to complete your interconnection:

  1. Contact us to receive our Application for Operation of Member-Owned Small Power Generation Systems.
  2. With the help of your solar installer fill out and return the completed application to WIN Energy REMC. 
  3. Once approved you can begin construction, we will send our Agreement for Interconnection of Small Power Generation Systems that will need to be read, signed, and returned to WIN Energy REMC before interconnection. 

If you have further questions or need any other information please contact us here or call 800-882-5140.