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Outage Map Instructions and Tips

Outage Map is a tool to keep you informed during an outage. The outage map is a graphical representation of an outage displayed on a map of our service area. The map only displays current predicted outages, so it is still very important to report your outage to the cooperative. Your outage report will confirm your outage and help us better predict where the outage is occurring.


What does the Outage Map show?

  • A visual of where the outage is predicted
  • The number of members predicted to be without power in a specific area; a color coded map key indicates the number of customers affected
  • “Details for this outage” will show the streets that are affected by the outage
  • If the outage has been restored, the outage will no longer show on the outage map.


How can I view the Outage Map?

  • The outage map is available as a link in the top right hand corner of our website.
  • A direct link to the Outage Map is
  • The Outage Map can be viewed on a computer, tablet, or smart phone.


Tips for using the Outage Map:

  • Menu:  The screen menu provides our Outage Express number to report outages, basic information about the outage map, total number of outages by county, a map key, and symbol legend.
    • On the desktop version, the menu will always be visible at the right hand of the screen.
    • The mobile version hides the menu to allow for the map to be viewed full screen. The menu can be accessed by the small “menu” icon in the top right hand corner of the screen.
  • Zoom In and Out:  Limited zooming capabilities allow you to view specific areas of the map. Simply use your mouse or the plus and minus buttons in the top left hand corner on your computer screen, or the screen zooming features on your mobile device.
  • Colored Squares and Polygons:  Click on an outage on the map, represented by a colored square or polygon, to view more details.
  • Select the “Details for this outage” link to view the streets affected. (Note:  The streets listed here are the service location address of record. Please contact us if your service address needs updated.)