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Our Board of Directors


WIN Energy REMC is a membership cooperative governed by a board of directors who represent the membership in their districts. Directors are elected to a three-year term by the members at the annual meeting of the cooperative. The directors are the member's voice in setting the cooperative policies, bylaws, and regulations.

The board of directors has spent many hours in meetings educating themselves on how they can make this cooperative a better organization. Each of the board members has received the status of being a certified credentialed cooperative director. To receive this status there are many hours of training and study involved on how a cooperative operates. It takes a unique individual to dedicate their time and effort to be an informed board member.  Listed below are our current board members by district.

 Informational Map showing Directors' Territories

District #1:  Montgomery and Wabash Townships in Gibson County; Bethel, Center, Harmony, Lynn, Robb and Smith Townships in Posey County.

Marion Jochim, Treasurer


District #2:  Center, Columbia, Patoka, Washington and White River Townships in Gibson County; Clay, Logan and Madison Townships in Pike County.

Barry Bane


District #3:  Washington Township in Greene County; Decker, Johnson, Vigo, Washington, Widner, Vincennes Townships in Knox County.

Chad Thomas


District #4:  Harrison, Palmyra and Steen Townships in Knox County; Jefferson, Patoka and Washington Townships in Pike County.

Marlin Dreiman


District #5:  Busseron Township in Knox County; Gill, Haddon, Hamilton and Turman Townships in Sullivan County.

Randy Kuppler


District #6:   Lewis Township in Clay County; Wright Township in Greene County; Cass, Curry, Fairbanks, Jackson, and Jefferson Townships in Sullivan County; and Prairie Creek and Prairieton Townships in Vigo County.

Harley Drake, Chairman & Indiana Electric Cooperatives Director


District #7:  Perry Township in Clay County; and Honey Creek, Linton, Pierson and Riley Townships in Vigo County.

Phil Carter, Secretary