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Energy Assessments


Energy Auditor and member conducting home energy audit.WIN Energy REMC wants to help maximize the energy efficiency of your home in order to reduce your energy use and save you money on your monthly electric bill. An energy assessment can help locate areas in your home that could be improved or changed in order to use electricity more efficiently.

There are two levels to our Energy Assessment Program:

FREE Energy Evaluations:

  • The Energy Evaluation is a visual inspection of the property to help identify potential energy improvements. Sherlock Homes Inspection Services will do a thorough walk-thru audit to help you identify areas for improvement for your home. An energy evaluation report will be made available to you.


Diagnostic Audits: (additional cost to members)

  • If you want a more technical audit, the Diagnostic Audit may be for you. The Diagnostic Audit will identify air sealing and duct sealing opportunities. During a diagnostic audit sophisticated diagnostic equipment is used to detect the causes of the building’s performance-related problems. A report will be provided to you that summarizes the test results and explains technical terms and concepts. Additionally a cost effective work scope is developed and estimates are provided for the suggested improvements. The estimates should not be considered actual cost.


  • Pricing for Diagnostic Audits residential homes:


  • Less than 4000 square feet and 1 heating system:  $450.00
  • Less than 4000 square feet and ordered with an Energy Evaluation:  $250.00


  • Over 4000 square feet or more than 1 heating system:  $500.00
  • Over 4000 square feet or more than 1 heating system and ordered with an Energy Evaluation:  $250.00


  • Over 5000 square feet:  $600.00
  • Over 5000 square feet and ordered with an Energy Evaluation:  $300.00


The Energy Evaluation, Diagnostic Audit, and improvements are conducted by Sherlock Homes Inspection Services, Inc., an ASHI certified company based in Bloomington Indiana. They have inspected over 30,000 since 1979. For more information on this company visit their website at If a Diagnostic Audit is performed and Duct Sealing or Attic Insulation can be performed, Sherlock homes will make the improvements and coordinate the available Residential Rebates for you.


See our energy saving tips to see some ways that you can save energy and money on your electric bill.