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2014 Annual Meeting

              75th Anniversary Logo
Thank you to those who attended our 75th annual meeting, which was held Apr. 5, at Vincennes Lincoln High School, for your involvement and support of your cooperative. This year marked the 75th anniversary for both Knox County REMC and Sullivan County REMC, which merged in 1997 to form WIN Energy REMC.
My message to the members at the meeting focused on what was accomplished 75 years ago, and what we can continue to do to make a difference today. Seventy-five years ago, nearly 90% of rural residents were living in the dark. They were forced to rely on iceboxes to cool food, kerosene lamps for lighting, wood stoves for cooking, and water hand-pumped from wells. The big investor-owned utilities had decided there was no profit to be made extending power lines into the countryside to hook up farms and small towns. When no one else was up to the challenge, WIN Energy REMC’s founding members—people like you and me—took action, tackled the feat of bringing power and hope to rural residents and farms by forming electric cooperatives. Today, we are here because of the determination of those individuals who came together to light the way for our rural communities in order to improve the quality of life.
At this yeWilliam and Sandra Brown with the John Deere riding lawn mower they’s annual meeting we had a record attendance, with over 615 registered members, as well as several other guests.  Among those in attendance were Lois Lowry age 96 and Anne Rogers age 92, who both remember when the lights came on 75 years ago. The door prizes that members received this year were a $5.00 electric bill credit, an insulated lunch tote, a stainless steel tumbler, and an energy efficiency kit. Members also had a chance to win one of 125 attendance prizes.  Congratulations to the grand prize winner, William and Sandra Brown who won a John Deere riding lawn mower.  

Mariah Creek and Friends and the Riegle Kids with their instruments, entertaining WIN Energy REMC members.

During registration, attendees were entertained by bluegrass musicians from Mariah Creek and Friends and the Riegle Kids.   The meeting began with Carsyn Wayland, an eighth grade student from Sullivan Middle School, singing the National Anthem followed by Board Director, Phillip Carter leading the invocation. Board Chairman, Daniel Schuckman and corporate attorney, E.D. Powell conducted the business meeting.  The financial reports were given by Board Treasurer, Marion Jochim and REMC auditor, Joe Boesing.  
Barry Bane to represent district 4, Marion Jochim to represent district 5, and Randall Kuppler to represent district 7.
The election of directors was conducted and the members that were present vote
d to elect the following directors to represent the membership in their districts:  Barry Bane to represent district 4, Marion Jochim to represent district 5, and Randall Kuppler to represent district 7.