Weatherization Program

Weatherization opportunities are available to WIN Energy REMC members with total electric homes. Qualifying homes will receive a free, comprehensive home inspection, energy audit and free repairs through this program.  Sherlock Homes Inspection Service, a Bloomington Indiana based company with more than 30 years experience, will conduct the inspection and energy audit. They will use their certified employees and contractors to perform the diagnostics and make improvements.

The weatherization program process:

  1. An initial audit will take place to determine if a home qualifies for the program.  This includes a detailed home inspection to look for conditions that may exclude a home from participation in the weatherization program which include:  wet crawlspaces or basements, significant mold or rotting wood and excessive clutter.
  2. The next visit will include a comprehensive diagnostics test.  After the test, the scope of work to be performed will be discussed with the homeowner.
  3. The homeowner will schedule a time for contractors to make the improvements.
  4. Improvements will be completed.
  5. An auditor will follow up with the homeowner, verifying that work has been performed.

View this video for more details about the weatherization program.

Members interested in the weatherization program should contact Leslie Beard, Manager of Marketing and Communications at WIN Energy, 800-882-5140, Ext. 164.

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